LPG installation and service

Autocure are fully accredited auto gas installer where all gas conversions conducted conform to the relevant safety standards.

According to the registration requirements of Vic Roads, all LPG installations must comply with the technical requirements of the version of Australian Standard AS 1425 current at the time of conversion and be fitted with an acceptable LPG Compliance Plate. At Autocure, our dedicated professional crew performs all auto gas conversions with the utmost diligence and are always up to date on relevant technical and legal issues concerning car gas conversion.

LPG servicing

With regular maintenance, an auto gas conversion actually prolongs the life of your engine. We will work with you to maintain a regular routine of servicing.
For optimum performance, we recommend that after your car is converted to gas it has a yearly (or 20,000km) specialised LPG service. This will increase the reliability as the parts that routinely are worn out get replaced regularly.

TANK TEST - Mandatory every 10 years
To ensure that your auto gas conversion maintains its integrity, we can perform a tank test. The law requires that for your continued roadworthiness, your LPG tank must be tested and if passed, a certificate of compliance must be issued. Motor vehicle insurance policies also stipulate compliance with 10-year Tank Tests. If you are unsure about your tank's integrity, or history of tank testing, please contact us for more information.

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